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Acrylic Vanity Stool Furry

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July 8, 2017 vanity stool

Restoring White Vanity Stool

White vanity stool are showing signs of wear and tear over time, just like everything else. Restoring a white vanity stool is preferable to buy a new one for a few reasons. White vanity stool usually match their vanities; would not be easy to find an exact copy. Restoring a stool is cheaper than replacing it, and you probably feel somewhat attached little stool where you have spent so many relaxing moments. Replace it with another may not work for you simply because of your affiliation to the old one.

Glass White Vanity Stool

Glass White Vanity Stool

Decide what you want to restore. You can restore the wood and spend hours sanding, staining or painting. Or you can simply substitute bench fabric and upholstery. If the white vanity stool is all wood with no padding, reset the entire bench. If the bench wood is saddened, consider leaving it as is but freshen it up a bit with a pretty decorative ruffles and new upholstery and fabric on the seat. Distressed furniture is in style these days.

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If you choose to reset the counter to its original luster, find a place with good ventilation and sand off old varnish or paint. Once you have removed it all, brush it clean with a damp cloth and let it completely dry; stain and finish of the woodwork with a clear polyurethane per manufacturer’s instructions. If you are repainting, apply two coats, allowing first coat to dry completely before using the second layer.

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